Pictures & Measurements – Day 4 (361 Days to Go)

I had some trouble finding my tape measurement (I used it with my knitting, so it was buried in knitting stuff), so have only taken pictures today as well as measured. Close enough.


First picture is taken with my iPhone looking down to my feet – you can see that I’m fairly well muscled in my lower legs and that my tennis shoes are pretty worn (time for new ones).


Second is a front facing picture – what was worn on our walk today (with the dog).



Last photo is side view.


Bust:         53 1/2 inches
Waist:       47 inches
Hip:           53 1/4 inches
Rt Thigh:  26 1/2 inches
Rt Calf:     18 inches
Rt Arm:     17 1/2 inches

My sizes are usually 20-22 or 2X; my bra size is 46DDD and my underwear is usually 10-11.  I recently bought a bathing suit in a 22 as well as shorts at that size.


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