Putting it in Perspective

I’m not through with my first week yet . . . but have already felt like a failure on several of my BHA goals.  Maybe they’re too big, hairy and audacious?

I don’t think so.

I think that it takes some time to develop new habits and rituals.  Some of these goals will be much easier than others, I know this.  Today I was writing in my journal and facing down my negativity.  I have a feeling I’ll be doing this a lot over the next year.

This is first week negativity – the “I should be totally perfect my first week at all this stuff” . . . even though I haven’t tried to do this many new things in one week.

Perfection is unrealistic.

Progress, however, is do-able.  I’m aiming for progress every day.  I don’t expect to hit 100% on every goal every day, or every week.  There are plenty of things that can get in the way – I could get ill, I might have a family emergency, or who knows what?

However, even if the worst happens, if it’s survivable, I can keep up with these goals at least to some extent.  I believe this, and that’s my promise to myself.  But I know I may drop below the standards some days or weeks.

That’s why accountability in this forum is so important to me.  Without it, I can just drift along and let things fall apart, which is what I’ve always done in the past.

Thanks for reading this – and I’ll keep everything in perspective today.

Yes, it’s July 4th (here in the U.S. a biggish holiday!) and we have some family stuff including hot dogs and chips and beer for some (not for me).  I’m sure I’ll enjoy the food in moderation.  I mainly plan on enjoying the people, especially seeing my two-year-old granddaughter.  She’s a cutie pie (aren’t all little girls?).

Have a wonderful holiday if you’re in the U.S. today – and stay safe.



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