Round Up – Days 8-14

Apologies for not getting to this earlier in the week.  I’m writing this on Day 19 (346 to go) –

As promised, here are the numbers from the scale on July 15, day 15 and reflect days 8-14:

                                                         Total Loss/Gain

Weight           246.1                        -6.6
Body Fat        104.3                         -3.6
BMI                  41.0                        -1.0

This week was less dramatic, but still, .6 pounds of body fat.  Most of the loss was water/lean muscle. And I passed from one BMI number into another (for what that’s worth!)

This means time to be focusing on exercise and probably weight bearing exercise.  Aerobic exercise can, and does, contribute to loss of lean muscle, but working the muscles keeps the muscle as well as adds to it.  And keeping muscle is important for metabolism and health and looks.

As to other goals –

Physical goals – I had one rough, less than six hours of sleep, night.  But otherwise, the rest of the nights were at least six and more like seven plus each night, which is where I feel best.

We worked out at the gym three times but I did only aerobics which may have contributed to less fat loss, but more water/muscle loss.  Not sure, but it’s good to be reminded of this – need to vary the exercise and do the machines, too.  I also walked the dog and even did some driveway walking to get more steps in.

Food – not too bad.  Still doing pizza Sundays – we doctor up a grocery bought pizza and eat three slices.  It’s not as much as going to Domino’s or Round Table, but still . . . a lot of salt and fat (yumm – two of my favorite food groups.)  We have also done Ben & Jerry’s as our big treat for the week, too. We always have leftovers, by the way – two slices for Monday.

This combo – pizza and ice cream – is only once a week.  I have conflicted feelings about it – I like it (duh), but . . . come on.  We’re talking ice cream here.

I knew food was going to hard.  I’m trying to stick to my rather easy food plan the rest of the week, but still . . . okay, I’m not ready to make any more changes yet.

Mental Goals – I was a lazy sod, and did some reading, but didn’t do any Spanish.

Inside/Outside Goals – We had a playdate which was fun – a two-hour harbor cruise in Marina del Rey on a gorgeous day.  Can’t beat that and especially can’t beat the price – it was a perk from our financial adviser.

As to inside goals, more decluttering blocks.  Got the pantry cleaned out and set up my husband’s new “office” on a kitchen table.

Spiritual Goals – I meditated a few days, and wrote a couple of drafts for the thank you note project.  I’m definitely going to modify that one, but haven’t done it yet.

I said this was a building week – some things are continuing, some are stalling a bit (hola!!!), and writing this points it out to me.


This project is not just about weight, for me.  I’ve been fat most of my life, so I’m not going to be getting thin in a year – my goal is just to be “less fat.”  That’s about health, not vanity.  The other goals are going to be about improving who I am and those are as important to me as the weight and health goals.



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