Inside – Decluttering

My big goal for the next 365 days is decluttering.

The only way I can imagine doing this goal is on a timed basis.  But since I don’t know where we’ll be every week or what will be most important, I’m reluctant to make it a weekly goal even.

So my beginning goal will be two 90-minute decluttering sessions each month, for a total of 24 90-minute decluttering sessions for the year.

Of course, I can go longer than 90 minutes, but I want to start with something reasonable.  Sometimes going through books or clothes or whatever else I’m sorting, can be actually fun but often it’s a lot of drudgery.

Yet, it needs to be done – we’re in the process of downsizing and I’m hoping if I can schedule these work sessions, I’ll make real progress instead of just thinking about it.

Decluttering means sorting, bagging up for charity, and throwing away/shredding.

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