Outside – Playdates

It’s nice being retired.  But it’s easy (at least it’s easy for us) to get into daily drift mode.

We’re all absorbed in creative activities and hitting the gym and walking the dog and just chores and errands and then we forget to do fun things.

So I want a goal of two playdates a month.  They don’t have to be expensive, they don’t have to take up a whole day even, but they have to be planned and executed to count.

This will be a fun goal, but also one that is challenging just due to our entropy.

(Note, I’m not putting travel plans on here because these tend to be at my husband’s behest and we’re doing pretty well in scheduling short trips on a regular basis.  These ‘Playdates’ are more for the local things that happen in the community and area that we don’t take advantage of.)

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