There’s a lot to be said about learning a language.  It helps the brain grow because language is complex so learning it takes effort.

I think it’s a perfect thing for a person who wants to preserve their brain as long as possible.

Fears?  That I won’t progress very far, or that I’ll just be stuck learning new words, but not going beyond words to conversation.

The goal is actually simple – for 365 days, I will work for 15 minutes a day on learning Spanish.  I can do more than 15 minutes, but that’s the baseline which gives me enough time to work on learning new words and drilling on old ones, and learning phrases.  I may need to reconsider this if I get to needing more time for conversation practice.

I don’t expect to get past the intermediate level on this, but I’ve been stuck on the rank beginner level for awhile, which isn’t that much fun!

I will probably use duolingo to keep track, or another online program.

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