The most difficult physical goal to describe is the one regarding food.  I have a long, complicated history with food – most of my life I’ve been chubby to fat.  Currently, although I don’t agree with the BMI philosophically, I will be using it for the purposes of comparison.

I generally know what I think my daily diet should consist of:

  • lean protein at two meals
  • at least two servings of non-starchy veggies at two meals
  • one to two servings of fruit
  • at least two servings of dairy
  • lower-glycemic carbohydrates for the other carbs
  • Not a lot of fat (but that’s generally not a problem)

Simple.  Mostly.

So I don’t know exactly what my food or weight goal should be, except to incorporate these elements in a daily diet and meet the more overarching goal of going from one BMI category to the next.

Currently, my BMI category is “morbid obesity” and I’d like to be in the “overweight” category.  Again, I don’t think BMI is necessarily good, but since it’s what my doctor uses, I will too for these purposes.

I will probably have much more to say about this as I go along.

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